Each year, the Aviation Chapter of ASMC hosts a one-day Professional Development Institute (PDI). Taking the spirit and goals of the National PDI, this Mini-PDI is shorter and focused on the needs of the local workforce surrounding Wright-Patterson AFB. Keep reading for information about our upcoming and past Mini-PDIs, including presentation slides where available.

ASMC Mini-PDI 2021

Mini-PDI 2021 Flyer

The theme for the 2021 Mini-PDI was “Hindsight is 20/20 – From Challenges to Change.” This year was our first fully virtual Mini-PDI, taking place on the CVR Teams platform as a Teams Live Event. And what a success it was! The event ran as two half-days, 8:00am-12:00pm on 28-29 April.

For those who attended, we plan to send out the training certificates with your awarded CPEs by COB 13 May. As far as marking the training complete in ETMS or requesting CLPs through AcqNow, we cannot do that for you. We just give you a certificate. Please work with your training managers as necessary to close out the training in the systems and claim your CLPs.

We enjoyed some great speakers, as usual! The following people presented:

  • Brig Gen Michael Greiner, Comptroller, HQ AFMC
  • Mr. Carlos Rodgers, SES, SAF/FMB
  • Col Jeffrey Hamblin, Director, Special Programs Division, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • Col Brian Kehl, Director, Plans, Programs, and Financial Management, HQ Space Operations Command
  • Ms. Jeannette Beer and Mr. Todd Baker, SAF/FMFS
  • Mr. Chip Fulghum, Chief Operating Officer, Endeavors
  • Mr. Ed Fritts, TekSouth

If we receive permission to distribute their slide decks, we will post them here. Keep an eye out for them!

ASMC Mini-PDI 2020

The 2020 Mini-PDI, originally scheduled for 14 May, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ASMC Mini-PDI 2019

The theme for the 2019 Mini-PDI was “Preparing the Way for Rapid Innovation.” Here are the agenda and list of presentations. Please click the links to access bios and slides.

  • Agenda
  • Mr. Jose Hidalgo – Driving Innovation and the Change Management Support that Follows (bio | slides)
  • Col Tina Nguyen – FM Challenges as AFLCMC Innovates (bio | slides)
  • Ms. Shirley Reed – Transformational Leadership (bio | slides)
  • Mr. James McCutcheon – The Importance of Knowing the Laws that Govern Your Work (bio | notes)
  • Mr. Bradley Lantz – DLA IT Reform, Automation, and Standardization (bio | slides)
  • Mr. James Lawson – Data Analytics & Innovation (bio | slides)

ASMC Mini-PDI 2018

Link to Briefings on ASMC Aviation EIM Site

The theme for the 2018 Mini-PDI was “Teamwork – Accomplishing Great Things Together.” The link should be open to anyone with a CAC, and includes PowerPoint presentations and bio sheets for the following presentations:

  • Mr. Steve Sowers – Teamwork – Small Teams Do Great Things
  • Mr. James Reitzel – Financial Operations
  • Mr. Dave Weinberg – Taking Care of People (no slides used)
  • Dr. Stephen Chambal – Leading Clients from Data to Decisions
  • Brig Gen James Peccia III – Leadership

ASMC Mini-PDI 2017

Link to Briefings on ASMC Aviation EIM Site

That link should be open to anyone with a CAC, and includes PowerPoint presentation files for the following presentations:

  • Lyons – Performance Management
  • McDonald – Practical Leadership
  • Murphy – The Road Ahead
  • Neyland – Inspiring Resilient Leaders
  • Pletcher – Service, Strength and Success – Keys to the Journey