Focus Week

Each quarter, AFLCMC and the 88 ABW hold a week of training classes and courses called Focus Week. Technically the AFLCMC Focus Week is run separately from the 88 ABW Focus Week, but usually the two coincide to allow people from both organizations to more easily take advantage of all the class offerings. Focus Week nearly always runs the last full week of January, April, July, and October.

AFLCMC Focus Week (25-29 Oct 21)

Please use the link below to download the full catalog of classes for this quarter’s AFLCMC Focus Week.

Of specific note, the following information about this Focus Week was provided by the AFSAC directorate. These classes and information may be of interest to our ASMC members:

Registration is now open for the AFLCMC Focus Week, 25-29 October 2021.  Most courses are Distance Learning and are open to the entire workforce, regardless of their duty location.  Employees are encouraged to keep their skills up-to-date and continue to take advantage of the many self-development opportunities. Focus Week courses include a wide range of topics to include both technical and soft skill areas.  Please review the attached catalog and follow the instructions below to register. 


Below are (6) course offerings led by our own AFSAC colleagues:

Course Title CL Day/Time (ET)
DL – LG – FMS New Proposed Line Structure Training 1.5 25 Oct / 1330 – 1500
DL – FM – FMS Reconciliation Bump Tool 1.5 26 Oct / 1330 – 1500
DL – FM – FMS Intro to the FMS Case Financial Dashboard (CFD) 1.5 27 Oct / 1330 – 1500
DL – LG – FMS New Proposed Line Structure Training 1.5 28 Oct / 0900 – 1030
DL – FM – FMS What is a PPDU and What Do I Do With It? 1.5 28 Oct / 1330 – 1500
DL – FM – FMS What Every FMS Person Should Know About the SDAF 1.5 29 Oct / 1330 – 1500

Below are (4) course offerings to assist the workforce in understanding DPMAP/Performance Plans and AcqDemo/Contribution Plans:

Course Title CL Day/Time (ET)
DL OTH How to Write SMART Standards for Supervisors (AFLCMC ONLY) 2 26 Oct / 1000 – 1200
DL OTH How to Write SMART Standards for Employees (AFLCMC ONLY) 2 27 Oct / 1000 – 1200
DL OTH Understanding the AcqDemo Pay Pool Process for Employees (AFLCMC ONLY) 3 27 Oct / 1200 – 1500
DL OTH AcqDemo 101 for Employees (AFLCMC ONLY) 3 28 Oct / 1200 – 1500

Note:  If you cannot attend these trainings, they are available on the WFOD SharePoint under Appraisal Systems.  Simply select AcqDemo or DPMAP then click on the Trainings folder.

How to Register

  1. Login to ACQ Now at
  2. Click on My Career (top line)
  3. Under Training Events, click on Search for CL Events
  4. Scroll down to AFLCMC Focus Week Event Catalog (3rd listing)
  5. Click View Catalog
  6. Click on the tab titled Upcoming Events By Date
  7. Find the desired course and click on the [+]
  8. Under Action, click on Apply
  9. When the box opens, click on Submit Request
  10. You’ll then receive an email confirmation of your registration

88 ABW Focus Week (25-29 Oct 21)

No information has been provided yet about the events for this quarter’s 88 ABW Focus Week. We will update this page when more information is available.