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Development Opportunities: Coaching

March is Coaching month on the Supervisors and Leaders We Need site. The site is run by the Civilian Leadership Development School, and the school’s coaching team is hosting this month’s activities and info. Each of the four weeks of the month, the site will have a different reading or live event covering the month’s topic.

The Supervisors and Leaders We Need site contains the weekly readings and the ZoomGov meeting links (CAC required for both). The planned webinars are:

  • Thursday, 10 March @ 11:00am EST
    Coaching Skills and Principles for the Non-Coach
  • Thursday, 24 March @ 11:00am EDT
    Live Demo: Coaching in Real Time

Update on Awards Program (5 Jan 22)

Please read the following email from Ms. Sheena Fast, who is currently acting as our awards program lead. Further details, including the referenced files, can be found in following sections on this web page.

Wright-Patt FM Leaders and FM Community,

It’s that time of year again – to nominate outstanding individuals and teams for American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) Aviation Chapter Calendar Year 2021 Achievement Awards! All achievement award nomination forms should be submitted to [email protected] by 9 February 2022. Ms. Fast will respond to all submissions to verify receipt, so if you don’t hear back within 1-2 business days, please follow-up. 

We ask that you encourage your leadership teams to prepare and submit deserving individuals or team for one of the award categories (Accounting, Acquisition/Cost Analysis, Auditing, Budgeting, Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller, Contractor Support, Intern/Trainee, Finance, Resource Management, Small Team, Large Team). All nominees will be reviewed by a panel for our local awards and will also be submitted for the ASMC National Achievement Awards competition.

*Members* Additionally, financial educational assistance programs, the essay contest and other membership awards are also open for entries. Please see the ASMC website for more details and requirements: This year’s essay contest [due to National by 28 Feb; ed.–this has been extended to 15 Apr] theme is the question “Recruiting and retaining talented financial managers is essential to DoD operations. What specifically would you share with a prospective employee to motivate them to consider federal employment in the financial management career field, and what you highlight as the most important reason for a current employee to continue serving?” For the Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award (Award includes CDFM enrollment, textbook, EDFMTC, 3 exams, PDI registration), submit your self-nomination to [email protected] by 18 January 2022. Only ONE may be submitted for each chapter, so we will evaluate all nominations received to select the chapter submission. Ms. Fast will respond to all submissions to verify receipt, so if you don’t hear back within 1-2 business days, please follow-up.

ASMC Annual Achievement Awards

To promote professional development, ASMC recognizes the best and brightest Financial Management employees at Wright-Patterson AFB with annual achievement awards, both at the local and national levels. Award nominees do not have to be ASMC members, the intent is to recognize excellence across the DoD. Award nominations for calendar year 2021 are due to Ms. Sheena Fast by February 9, 2022. Please see the following links for:

Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award

This ASMC scholarship award covers the costs for winners to study for and take the CDFM exams. The award includes enrollment for two years in the CDFM program, the CDFM textbook, one EDFMT course, the CDFM Modules 1-3 exams, and registration for the National PDI. Award self-nominations must be submitted to Ms. Sheena Fast by January 18, 2022.

Please see the linked PDF for more details and information:

ASMC National Essay Contest

ASMC holds an essay contest each year. Up to three winners are selected each year. The winners of the contest may have their essays published in the Armed Forces Comptroller magazine or on the ASMC website, be awarded a cash prize, and receive a plaque.

Essay submissions must be original, of a single author, and must not exceed 1,500 words. Submissions must be received by ASMC National by February 28, 2022 March 31, 2022 April 15, 2022. The essay topic for 2022 is:

“Recruiting and retaining talented financial managers is essential to DoD operations. What specifically would you share with a prospective employee to motivate them to consider federal employment in the financial management career field, and what would you highlight as the most important reason for a current employee to continue serving?”

For more information and details about the contest, please see the following linked PDF:

FERS Retirement Planning Tool Template

This is a tool built in Excel that is designed to help FERS employees determine the best age at which to retire. The 2nd tab of the workbook contains an embedded Word document that describes the purpose of the tool and some basic instructions on how to use it. The 3rd tab of the workbook (titled Inputs) is where ALL of the data is input into the tool. The 4th tab (titled Income Stream) is self-explanatory. The tabs labeled by age portray the details that are fed into the Income Stream tab. Once you gather the necessary information you’ll need to input your data into the template, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to actually enter the data.

Note: This is an updated version of the tool from what was previously posted here. This is the version that contains all of the latest factors and bells and whistles from the recommendations of everyone who beta tested it. If you copy and paste your inputs from a previous version into the attachment, please use the Paste Values option. Also note that you must enable the Printer Friendly LES in myPay if you enter your latest LES inputs into the tool directly from the myPay website.

FERS Retirement Planning Tool (Master blank template) v20200717.xlsx

Dashboarding Basics

Are you interested in learning about creating dashboards in Excel? In this free virtual training, Mr. Ed Fritts of TekSouth presented some basic dashboarding tools in June 2020’s Tips & Tricks. Mr. Fritts covered:

  • Intro Pivot Enhancements
  • Format Data & Creating Pivot Table
  • Adding Fields Names
  • Creating Customized Design Subtotals
  • Creating Customize Design & Value Columns
  • Creating Slicers Timeline
  • Generate Reports
  • Slicers Multiple View

If you would like to view the presentation and download the materials, please click the following link. Thanks to Mr. Fritts and TekSouth for providing this training!

Managing Job Stress

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some tips for managing your job stress? It’s something we all have, to varying degrees. Our local Employee Assistance Program (EAP) office provided this article, which will be printed in part in the March 2020 edition of the Wright Flyer newsletter. The full text of the article is in the file linked below.

Managing Job Stress.docx

About CDFM

The American Society of Military Comptrollers offers the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) program to those persons desiring to demonstrate proficiency in the core aspects of defense financial management.

More on the CDFM and CDFM Training


Professional Development Institute (PDI)

ASMC offers annual training events which provide attendees opportunities to earn continuous education points and further their professional development. These events are called PDIs.

At the national level, ASMC hosts a National PDI each year, usually the week of Memorial Day. At the local/regional level, many local ASMC chapters host Mini-PDIs, which take different forms across the country. For the Aviation Chapter, the Mini-PDI is usually a one-day conference event held in the spring.

For those who would like to participate in training at their leisure, the National ASMC provides a Virtual PDI. This consists of online access to recorded material (workshops and mini-courses) from the year’s National PDI.

Many PDI events, including the Virtual PDI and the Aviation Chapter Mini-PDI, provide continuing professional education (CPE) or continuing education and training (CET) credits.

DOD FM Certification

ASMC FM Certification Briefing