Chapter Member News

Welcome the New Members!

Charles Van Dine, CDFM-A
Tracey Lynn Erickson
Gabriel Garnett
Chcarra Jones
Ryan C. Knick
Patricia Miller
Megan Tibbit
Brianna Walters
(as of Dec 2022)

Congratulations! Retirements and Promotions

Timothy Edwards, AFMC/FMRS, Retired
Floyd Neuhart, AFMC/FMAO, Retired
Sharon Broughton, AFRL/IZF, Promotion
Heriberto Rivera, 711 HPW/FMUS, Promotion
Michael Schroeder, AFRL/FZF, Promotion
Keith Shouse, AFMC/FMMW, Promotion
Bryce Barton, AFMC/FMAO, Promotion
Brittany Gillaugh, AFMC/FMRS, Promotion
Evangela Knox, AFMC/FMRS, Promotion
Jason Sipe, AFMC/FMFS, Promotion
Vicki Bonsall-Moore, AFMC/FMMW, Promotion
Katie Keegan, Katie, AFMC/FMFW, Promotion
Steven McMillan, AFMC/FMRA, Promotion
Devyani Chetty-Alla, AFMC/FMMW, Promotion
Kristen Cochran, AFMC/FMFW, Promotion
Dawn Brewer, AFRL/RVF, Promotion
Heather DeWell, AFRL/FZFC, Promotion
Jeremy Miller, Jeremy, AFRL/RGF, Promotion
(as of Aug 2023)

Hails! Joining a New Office

Shelley Chelman, new hire in AFLCMC/WIN
Kenneth Clements, new hire in AFLCMC/FZA
Adam Gabbard, new hire in AFLCMC/WAU
Richard Garrison, moved to AFLCMC/FZA
Samuel Gorham, moved to AFLCMC/WAC
Awa Kadiri, moved to AFLCMC/WII
(as of Dec 2022)