Joining the American Society of Military Comptrollers is an investment in you and your professional development. Membership is open to military, civilians, and contractors working in the defense financial management field. As an ASMC member, you become connected to a global community of defense resource management personnel. Regardless of where you are in your career, ASMC membership offers many paths and opportunities to learn from and interact with your colleagues in ways that will help you meet your professional goals.

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Your membership dues provide you with the following advantages:

  • Information on current trends and development in the military comptroller and financial management arena in the Department of Defense and U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Subscription to the Armed Forces Comptroller, the official professional journal of the ASMC. The AFC contains articles, organizational news, and updates on current trends and developments.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate leadership as a chapter officer or committee member.
  • Membership in one of the more than 100 chapters worldwide. Chapter benefits could include monthly luncheons, local seminars, chapter newsletters and more.
  • Opportunity to participate in the National Awards Program. This program includes achievement awards, an essay contest, corporate member award, members’ continuing education grants, high school scholarships and many chapter program awards.
  • Association with military comptrollers/financial managers and other business organizations interested in military comptrollership.

 There are six classes of membership in ASMC:

  • Active Members are persons who are or have been employed within the defense financial management field of the federal government or associated with it (contractor, etc.) and who, to remain in good standing, have paid the appropriate dues and fees. The current fee is $50 for one year or $120 for three years. Membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Lifetime Membership is a recognition of those Active Members who have been in good standing for twenty consecutive years, or who are past National Presidents. The benefits of membership are the same as for active membership. Lifetime Membership is $50 annually, except for those lifetime members who have achieved 30 consecutive years of membership and pay no dues. Lifetime members are recognized in the Armed Forces Comptroller once a year for their long time support of the society.
  • Associate Members are persons who, though not qualified for Active or Life Membership, are employed in fields relating to military comptrollership and who to remain in good standing, have paid the appropriate dues and fees. Associate membership is $50 annually.
  • Retiree Members are ASMC members who are are “fully retired” and not working in any other profession other than occasionally doing “volunteer” work. Unless requested by the Retiree member, Retirees will remain dues paying members, in order to continue to receive a print copy of the Armed Forces Comptroller journal. (Retirees may request to be non-dues paying and receive online AFC access only.)
  • Honorary memberships may be conferred upon persons making significant contributions to military comptrollership who are not eligible for, or who would not otherwise be expected to join, one of the other classes of membership. Honorary membership must be approved by the National Executive Committee, and has no fee.
  • Corporate membership is available for businesses interested in the military comptrollership field. Current dues start at $1,000, which includes one designee.

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